G'Day everyone

I live quite close to a Fuji minilab in southern Sydney. They have survived, and thrived after so many minilabs have gone out of business. They supply a complete service to amateurs as well as the commercial wedding photographers. They process 35mm, 120 and print on Fuji machines as well as having a full digital kiosk for self service. Also, a lot of their work is handled through their website.

Their quality is fantastic - all printing is fully colour corrected, and customers generally always return after seeing the results of the 'cheap 9 cent prints' from the large chain stores.

I help them out with traditional black and white film processing (which is becoming more popular with some of their customers) which is then prinnted digitally.

About the C-41 (and any other chemical process) solution storage - try wine cask bladders (the foil type, not the cheaper clear plastic types) - they can be washed and filled to the spout so oxidation is no problem. I have kept black and white film and paper developers for around two years is wine casks...they're great!