Just on the point of this micro-contrast. It becomes apparent to many by a 3D effect where the edge definition and background contrast has a dramatic fall off. The 3D effect that can be seen in many images is discussed but what we see in nearly all our zeiss images is a depth, not the effect of dof but rather the perception of depth. With Nikkors an image is very flat regardless of dof and its funny when they might say that such a thing is not possible but have you ever looked at an image from the Nikkor 60?

We become hooked because of this affect and the 35/2 has it more than any other which if you think about it is as I describe, has nothing to do with the effect of dof as you might expect with say a telephoto lens because we are afterall discussing a wide.

awesome awesome lens, I dont care how much I might sound like exaggeration, you'll never be able to come back and tell me I was wrong.