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You wouldn't catch me dead using Normans...wait...yes you would.

I've used a pretty wide variety of strobes, and if youre really serious about what you do, unless is says speedotron, profoto, or broncolor on the side...it's not worth the time or money because that's what you'll end up with anyway.

Profoto D1's are a great kit to get started with.
Thank you for your opinion. From my limited search I was thinking of starting Einstein E640 by Paul C Buff as one of my friends had recommended me going with that over the B800's because of the color shift at low voltages.

I will consider the Profoto D1's.

Sorry if this is a naive question but I am very unfamiliar with this stuff. I have interest in using strobes on-site. I know that Paul C Buff makes a Vagabond Mini Lithium, but is this device compatible with other brands? Do other brands offer a similar device?