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...I don't treat backpacking like an endurance sport. I suppose some people make it that, but not me. Five to ten miles, that's a good day's hiking. Then drop the pack and take pictures. Leave some energy for the afternoon. This is my formula, its weakness is that I have only brief shooting opportunity during hike times and am always shooting afternoons. Many smarter photographers than me set their alarm for 4 in the morning and get up and out - in position with camera before the sun comes up. You can do that...
That's why my next backpack trip (in a week) will be a 3-night (4, if I push it)...I'll camp about 6 miles in (1.75 miles down, then the rest up the creek) to where I'll camp the whole time and explore with the LF for a few days -- there are small pocket groves of redwoods and creeks cutting their way up into the hills. I doubt I'll see anyone. With nothing to do but photograph and cook some food, I think I'll be able to enjoy myself. I'll just hang my food high enough out of the reach of bears (and other woodland creatures).

If photography is one of the important aspects of a trip into the wild, then staying in one place,or staying two nights at a couple different places certainly is the way to go. Going from here to there, eating up time and distance, was fun a long time ago. I just want to be there nowadays. But such a pace requires one to go alone, or perhaps with another photographer. It would drive some people bats!