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Mark; There are many crystal habits from cubes to octahedra to needles to plates and etc. Each chemical has a typical crystal habit which is partly based on the solvent from which it precipitates. The pH is not directly related to crystal formation. Crystal formation is related more to the concentration of all of the materials present. PE
Ron, thanks as always for the help! It looks like I'd better keep those concentration-ratios down.

Also, I haven't forgotten DimezoneS. My tests show that, compared with Phenidone, it gives slightly higher speed (EI) and lower fog, with the same grain. I'd like to take your suggestion from many months ago and use TEA instead of metaborate in the DimezoneS-based formula that crystallized. The resulting formula will be similar to the organic solvent version of Instant Mytol (Jordan Wosnick). I plan on doing this work after finishing the Phenidone formula described in recent postings. Plus I want to work on a low contrast developer. Plus C-41 developers. There are too many things I want to do! This hobby is making retirement sound good.

Mark Overton