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Are you sure about this? I read different things about this online. One place says the only fully mechanical Pentax 6x7 is the non-MLU version. The 6x7mlu, 67, and 67ii use a solenoid for the MLU. Other places say there are no fully mechanical versions. Man. The Pentax 6x7 is my ideal camera, honestly. I've known my own Pentax to be a robust camera, and I'd like the same experience for MF.
I take that back, I read the manual and it seems it has an electronically-timed shutter. Now that I think about it I used to have two replacement batteries in the bag, but In the years I owned mine I never had to replace the battery so I guess that's why I never thought about it. The manual stated the battery will last about 8000-10000 exposures. Honestly, you can't go wrong with a Pentax 67, they are total classics and I know fellow professionals that are still using them for documentary and street work.