Hi. Yes, I miss getting my copy of Modern Photography and looking at the advertisements. Spiratone had great things to buy, especially for a beginner in 35 mm photography. I still have 2 of the cameras I bought from them. One was a Hanimex Practica Nova 1b; I also bought a 135 mm hanimar telephoto with a Pentax screw mount. That camera and lens weighed a ton and if I didn't snap the picture, I started getting the shakes!@ But, it was a great camera to learn on and it took pretty good snapshots. I also bought a Zenit B. This was a Russian 35 mm camera body that I used for astro pictures of the moon. I was kinda of clunky, but it worked!
I guess the Internet has killed catalogs, magazine and ordering through the mail. I was the waiting for your order to come and then tearing the box open to see your new camera! Sigh