I haven't run any new Portra yet so I'm unfamiliar what the mask is supposed to look like but I'll tell you this,
I had been running a bunch of fuji for awhile and then ran some of the NC and when wet... I thought something was wrong because I wasn't ready for the difference in the mask appearance.

Have you tied printing the Portra? Maybe you just aren't used to what the mask looks like?

Another thing, are you replenishing? It's unclear your exact procedure but it looks like you may be stretching things (at least the dev) if you are running an un replenished system.

I run my system in a sorta "ghetto replenishment" where I pull my tank solutions from 1 litre bottles of working solution that I replenish after each 2 roll tank throughput. I don't have a densitometer and I'm sure I am getting some imperfections but they print and s*an fine without bad color crossover.