Mirko, Thanks for the effort with this film and the updates!!!
The news about it came right on time!

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There's a distinction between a film being able to hold a long range of values due to compression ("minus" and/or compensating development with its inevitable compression of midtone microcontrast)
and a film which will actually carry a very wide range of values upon a relative straight part of the
curve. To my knowledge, the only current ultrafine-grained film which will do this is the now defunct
Efke 25 (about 12 stops). ...
Drew, Agfa Copex Rapid made by Agfa-Gevaert can hold 14 stops (if You need), on top of that., Copex Rapid is finer grained and sharper than Efke 25 and is faster.

I expect Adox Silvermax to be like a faster brother to Copex Rapid and having its own character.