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Thank you guys I will try shooting it at half box speed. I currently have d76. When I run out I want to try some other types and find my own style. I do want to try stand developing but read its not ideal for printing. Anyone have experience to the contrary?
I don't think standing development lends much to the Foma films, honestly, but that's just my flavor. Standing development is a pretty extreme form of compensating development, and has its uses and strengths, for sure.
For me, with Foma films I find that the highlights become a bit dull this way, and I prefer intense highlights. The best results I've had with Foma, on the Ilford paper I like to use, is with Edwal 12, a developer that yields brilliant and intense highlights. That gives me the sparkle I desire in the highlights, which to me is one of the best aspects of these films.

But test it for yourself, and print the negs to see how you like it. Compare it to regular development on the same shots. Make contact sheets of the negatives side by side to see the difference. It will tell you a lot.