Anikin, I will start a list and you will be the first person on there, with Bob in tow.

I can't honestly say when this will all go down, but ideally within a month or two? I guess it depends on a number of things though.

The supplier has recommended that before any sort of large-ish order is placed, that a sample of the material be tested. I think this is a good idea considering that the sensitizer can deteriorate and that this stock might be a bit older. However, as a stock of 15 year old UltraStable attests to, this stuff doesn't deteriorate that quickly.

The problem is, I'm currently in no position to conduct tests; all my stuff is in boxes. After October 3rd I might be; I'll be in Rochester then. But in the meantime, if someone could take it upon themselves to conduct a series of tests, that would be awesome. Any volunteers?

Ok, a few more thoughts here. As Greg points out, most people would probably find 100g to be a good amount for starting out. Repackaging X number of kilograms (optimistically, 2-3kg I'd say) into 100g containers is no trivial effort. You need to have accurate weighing, appropriate containers and not to mention, safe handling practices.

I'd be more than happy to do this (the facilities at GEH would make it easier), but there would be some costs for packaging and time. Nothing exorbitant, and I'd keep the whole process very transparent, but it'd raise the price ever so slightly.

2nd option would be to see if Photo Formulary would be interested in buying a large quantity and taking care of the repackaging and distribution. This would have a host of benefits obviously, but would also raise the price to some extent and I don't know what it would mean for international shipping.

The 2nd option is theoretical at this point, but I do get the impression that Bud might accommodate this.

Last point worth mentioning, this chemical is considered non-hazardous by DOT standards, so we need to see what this means for international shipping. I think Europe in particular will love the diazo idea since dichromates are so hard to get a hold of, and I'd love to be able to send it across the pond for anyone interested.