Having thought about this for a little longer, I've realized that this probably doesn't mean the imminent end of still films from them. The vast majority of the 35mm C-41 in stores now is either Fuji-branded or Fuji-made, so this is still enough (for now) to keep the coating machines running. My guess is that Fuji does not have one large coating machine (a la Kodak), but rather 2-3 moderate-sized ones. They've done the math, and have decided to shut down at least one machine, but to keep the other(s) running. My guess is that it didn't pay for them to put the significant amount of R&D in to remaster the chemical mixtures for the other machines, so they discontinued the stocks permanently.

What this does show, however, is that Fuji is a business just like Kodak (albeit a better run one), and they are no better than Kodak when it comes to keeping film around.

P.S. Harman, Foma, Fotoimpex, Orwo, etc. are all for-profit corporations as well. When they start losing money, you can bet that production lines will be cut.