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If this is your first experience in "wild camping" I would concentrate on that. Just take a small 35mm and some rolls. After you have accumulated some experience you would begin refining the photographic aspect of the activity. There are a lot of things to learn through experience about hiking. And I would wait for next summer unless you go with some experienced else.

I have the (maybe unfounded) impression that you are taking this endeavour without realising that it is not banal. Hikers do kill themselves.

I hope you already have an experience as a "one day" walker and already know how to properly orient yourself, use altimeter, compass etc..
Definitely plan on learning the 'art' of wild camping first and you're right about going along with others before solo. There's certainly a bit more to it in terms of remaining inconspicuous over here, as others have said. It can be frowned upon in certain national parks in the UK. Hence the term 'wild camping' - a bit of a taboo.

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I don't want to hijack the thread but what photo and camping kit do others take when they go on a trek?
A bit out of my budget at the moment, but I've been looking at one of these to balance the weight - http://www.clikelite.com/products/pr...chest-carrier/