I have a Seneca Whole Plate (8 1/2 " x 6 1/2" ) camera to sell. It is a very nice camera but I'm not using it, so someone should. It INCLUDES 2 film holders. It INCLUDES a total of 7 lens boards (one un-drilled). Seneca boards oddly have one bevelled edge, so it is handier than you might imagine to have a supply on hand already. It INCLUDES the rear extension rail. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the tripod... (The red on the side of the standards in the first photo is a reflection from my ceiling fan lights.)

There are two knocks in the wood, circled above. Also, on the rear extension track, there is a piece of the side guide rail missing, see last photo. That would only be reached if you rolled the front standard all the way back onto the rear rail, and I'm not sure why you would ever do that. So, it seems irrelevant.

The bellows seem to have been replaced in the not-too-distant past, and are in very nice condition.

I'd like $365 plus shipping, Paypal and USPS money orders are both fine. I doubt this will fit in a large flat-rate box, so it might be expensive to ship outside the US. $$ to APUG if it sells here. I also have several whole plate size wide angle lenses that I could sell if you are going to need one of those for the camera. Cheers, Richard