I'm interested in a LF camera and a Linhof Technika III, IV, and V are some cameras that I'm considering. To tell you the truth, I am not familiar with large format so sorry if my questions are naive and silly.

I want a portable largeformat camera so the Graphics and Linhof Technikas come to mind. I value them for their size and portability but I do not plan on using them for handheld use and so I probably do not need a rangefinder. I'm weighing pros and cons of different systems and I'm trying to maximize my value. A monorail, even, perhaps....T

It seems that the older Linhof parts are not compatible with the newer ones and that Linhof does not service the older ones. I do not know what kind of maintenance is required but if I were to get an older one then is it difficult to find someone to CLA/repair the camera incase something goes wrong? I have not that much interest in getting any lenses cammed but how that can be an issue.