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Anhydrous borax is available commercially. You could also make your own.
I didn't know an anhydrous form was available. Thanks for pointing that out. And a bit of searching showed that making it myself means heating Borax to near the melting point of steel. Wow! Or would heating it in an oven actually drive out all the water? There's a long posting near the bottom of this page that's interesting: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/sh...nhydrous-borax

Yet more questions...

Regarding crystallization: Does temperature affect the rate of growth of crystals? I would expect higher temp to increase the rate, but higher temp also boosts solubility, which might hinder crystal-growth. I'd like to do an accelerated test for crystallization, and was wondering if keeping the bottle hot would help or hurt.

Regarding TEA: I know that TEA is a solvent for silver halide, but how does it compare with sodium sulfite? 1 ml of TEA has the solvent-effect of how many grams of sulfite? When I add X ml of TEA, I'm wondering how many grams of sulfite to reduce to keep the same net solvent-effect. (I know sulfite does other things too, so it's all trade-offs).