here is a short report about the current production of the Nikon F6 in Nikon's plant in Sendai:


In autumn 2007 there has been a quite long report about Nikon's Sendai plant in the french photo magazine 'Chasseur d'Image'.
At that time about 200 F6 has been built monthly.
The Sendai plant is capable of producing very small batches. And it is very flexible.
That's necessary because the production numbers of some the digital high-end models has been very low (e.g. from the D2H only 7000 units have been built).
These low production numbers have been caused by the very high prices (only very few photographers could afford a 7000 D3x for example), and the short production periods of these models.Therefore the production systems have to be extremely flexible.
And luckily that is the basis that the F6 still can be produced as a fine niche product.

By the way, I can highly recommend this camera: It's a dream machine, the finest engineering you can imagine. In my opinion the best 35mm SLR ever made.
For years I have dreamt of that camera, and 3 1/2 years ago have fulfilled my dream. And bought a brand new one with MB-40 vertical grip and MV-1 data reader, and additional split image screen.
One of the best decisions I've ever made .
Now I lust for another one: One body for color, the other for BW

Best regards,

P.S: So far since the introduction in 2004 about 34,130 F6 has been made.The 34,130 serial number is the latest one I heard of from a friend who bought a new one some weeks ago.