I lusted after a Master Technika after enjoying a couple of monorails. I put down the $$ and 'went to work' but.... it did not take long to find out that while the Tecknika was as 'smooth as uno wot', it was a bit too awkward and heavy as a hand-held instrument. However, while I still have a preference for the 'quality of workmanship that goes into the Technika, I traded it in for a 4x5 Bi-Kardan which, to-day still prevents my tripod from blowing away. When 'working', my employer then invested in a Sinar P2 rather than have me use my 'personal' equipment in the lab. Both monorails were/are more 'versatile' (when it comes to shifts/swings and tilts and longer bellows extension) than the Technika (but can be readily used hand-held or on a good support). There are some benefits to the off-axis swings/tilts that I enjoyed for close-up work with the P2 that I now 'miss' using my Linhof...

but I get by. I can't seem to find any serial number on my Linhof so I probably cannot find its year of manufacture, but in 20+ years of use the only thing that has needed attention was one of the 'ring washers' in the rear standard. I cannot speak to the more 'modern' Linhof models... but I'm sure that my Bi-Kardan has a significant number of years of rigorous use left without further need of attention.

It reminds me of the old British phrase... "built like brick s**t-house".