Hi all,

Since I am new to LF I think I really have to deal with the Circle of Confusion that is driving me in circles to the point of confusion .

So for a specific lens in 4x5/9x12, lets say 130mm the CoC is about 0.1 mm no matter what f-stop or distance to subject. (in this calculator atleast: http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html)
I thought there was a f-stop sweet-spot that you had to step down to, in order to get a decent infocus/detail/sharp image...

For such a camera 4x5 with 130mm what would that be? My film plane seems to be very reliable since my film plates have the springs and holders that keep the film flat and straight.

I know about DOF and F-stop, hyper-focal distance, etc, but this sharpness on the image plane is killing me!