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The great advantage of Technikas, as well as similar cameras like the Crown, Speed Graphic, Burke and James press cameras is that they can be handheld, and don't require GG focusing.
If hand holding isn't of interest, then a wood or perhaps a metal field camera may be a better choice. Either field cameras, or monorail view cameras will have more movements available than the press style cameras, and generally will be easier to use from a tripod.
That makes sense.

Any field cameras that you recommend? Or what are some brands should i look into? A rotating back is a big plus for me but outside that I'm not sure if there are any other features I should look out for since my application isn't very demanding.

And the difference between wood and metal is primarily durability and weight, right? I'd prefer durability at the expense of weight. I think that a technical camera is not what I'm looking for. I do value the compactness so I think I'd opt for a metal field camera over a monorail.