...food for thought..i have RB and P67 along with Rolleicord,Yash24, and GS645. The P67 should live with the fast 105 & 160 lenses on it for portraits and environmental shots; and its heavy to hold eye level. The RB held low and slow for wide and on tripod for landscape and long lens for portrait; amazing. But NEITHER work for me if portability beyond a few steps from car required. For that throw the Rolleicord/Yash and fuji folder in a bag. You get that low hold perspective that makes all the diff with the TLR and then can go landscape or portrait orientation with the gs645 for quick environmentals, landscapes etc with stunning resolution. the p67 was a gift and I thought the end to my TLR/fuji combo...but simply cant deal withh that weight for me. hope that helps.