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Are the following points true (in general and dependent on paper) to shift toward warmer tones?
-higher dilution
-which needs more light
-early snatch (not to deep cold blacks)
-exhausted dev (or just add Br?)

From my experience, getting warmer prints depends mostly on the paper chosen, but the developer and the "age" of the developer have a big effect also. I only use 1:1:50 plus 33% old developer unless I really want something less warm...then I don't add the old brown and keep the developer fresh. I've also found that a developer like Arista Liquid is less warm than Moersch or Rollei. More light means lower contrast and early snatch just means that the blacks aren't fully formed. It might effect the warmness (never noticed), but it would sacrifice the contrast and blacks so better to use other techniques to get the tone you want. The only way to really see for yourself, though, is to burn some paper...(: