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Printed and framed my first prints of a local scene - the huron river and bridge landmarks nearby at a metropark. Went with 16x20 as suggested and am enjoying the process. here are some thoughts that may help others in future perhaps.

The Ventillation I installed still requires additional work even after the $100 invested. The newly installed outflow requires more inflow than my space affords naturally for sufficient change over so will need to pipe in air; printing to this size really fills the space with fumes. I installed an 8" 500cfm inline duct fan and descended two 6" drops to just above trays. The suction is weaker than i anticipated, barely holding a piece of paper in place when covering the inlets.

For water, I was able to use an existing cold water outlet and bought an inexpensive hot plate to warm the water in an aluminum pitcher in order to mix developer batches without bringing water in as I have done previously. I was given trays by a friend as well as two plastic 2000ml beakers needed to make sufficient quantities of dev and fix; it takes 2x as much minimally.
[Emphasis added by me]

I would be very careful about using aluminum for mixing chemistry. It may react with some chemistries.

Otherwise, I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the step-up in size.