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I did some printing today an the Arista edu fb matte paper, I failed at achieving a level of contrast I could be happy with.
I tried the EDU RC paper and didn't care for it, even for contact prints. YMMV.

Some people love matte paper but the other poster is right - the maximum black will never be as deep as the same paper in glossy and this can reduce the contrast. Bear in mind that fiber based "glossy" is really only glossy if ferrotyped, something almost no one does anymore. FB glossy air dried, what used to be called "glossy dried matte" is definitely smoother and shinier than matte paper but doesn't have the highly reflective finish of ferrotyped glossy or RC glossy. It's probably the single most popular surface for FB for good reason. (Not that I don't like matte for some things, and others prefer it for all their work - YMMV.)