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To me, matt paper has a grayish black. Try printing on glossy.
I can't argue that glossy paper will appear to have deeper blacks, but at the same time switching materials isn't going to teach the OP much at this stage. It isn't supposed to be easy; the struggle will make us stronger and see possibilities we wouldn't otherwise have.

I have said it a million times: the paper we use and its paper developer is something you have to target with everything else that you do. All that you do when you pick your film, pick your film developer, expose the film, film developing time, agitation, temperature - everything, all of it will have to fit on the paper. If you switch papers in the middle of everything you are introducing yet another variable, and when we learn (or re-learn as in this case) the less variables we have the better it is. It is, after all, about learning a technique.

I have used matte paper in my prints for a decade now, almost exclusively, and I have used several hundred sheets of the type of paper Jenni is currently using. It isn't bad paper at all. It is Foma VC paper as we know, and that's a quality product. It is possible to achieve deep, rich, velvet blacks with this paper, but it takes a bit of practice, some pain, some hard work, analysis of technique and improvements to make it happen.