I ordered the 10 roll Mini kit from Freestyle. I've read this whole thread. There's a lot of information about the stabilizer, but a lot of it is conflicting.

Can someone confirm, hopefully conclusively, that the Mini kit makes only 250ml of stabilizer (and 500ml of the other solutions)? 250ml isn't enough to cover one 35mm reel in my Paterson tank.

Can someone translate the cryptic statement from Rollei (post 228) that the stabilizer can be used "twice without agitation"? With only 250ml of stabilizer, I'm necessarily going to have to resort to some ad hoc method to coat the film anyway. Is it enough to hold the tank diagonally and rotate it by hand?

Finally, I've read about drying problems with these kits. I've also read that I shouldn't add Photo-Flo to the stabilizer. I mix all my chemicals with distilled water. Also, I complete any tap water rinse with a cycle of distilled water. Am I likely to have any problems?