Just do it. In my younger days, I would take my tent and other backpacking stuff (sleeping bag, stove etc.) along with my Mamiya TLR outfit and big(ish) tripod and go hiking over the high tops of the Lake District. Good idea about trying out a campsite first, just to make sure you're cut out for it, although to be honest wild camping is supposed to be an enjoyable pursuit, not a date with death. Just make sure you take sensible precautions; ensure you're fit enough and don't overdo it; teach yourself navigation using map and compass or at the very least a GPS unit - this is the most important part - it's one thing knowing where you're going but next to useless if you don't know where you are. The rest is, or should be, common sense. Oh, and one more thing, don't camp too close to mountain streams; they can rapidly become torrents in time of heavy rain - I speak from experience! Regards and good luck, B.