Hi all,

I have a little Olympus XA2 which is my usual pocket camera which I always have with me, even when my larger cameras are at home.

Recently I had a chance to pick up a used Stylus Zoom 105 [actually a Mju zoom since I am in the UK] for around 10 GBP.

What I wanted to know is whether I'm likely to see an improvement over the XA2 in terms of image quality?

The Mju has the zoom lens which might not be as nice as the fixed focal length in the XA2 (I don't know) but the added autofocus and the more sophisticated metering might make more of a difference..

First, does 10 sound a reasonable price for one in well used but perfect working order... and will I see any improvement over the XA2?

How good are the Mju/Style zoom lenses?

[I may just buy it anyway in order to get the extra focal lengths]

Thanks in advance,