As usual, lots and lots of great advice - wish this forum was around when I started hiking with my gear about 20 years ago.

I too, would stress SAFETY. Common sense dictates: map out your route carefully, be aware of your surroundings, be careful where you step, pick your camp carefully, put your food sack high up on a tree, away from your tent and so on, ad infinitum. Hiking/camping with someone else gives a sense of security.

My last hike/camping trip (New York State) was just three days and the heaviest item was the water i had to haul in. When I am hiking/camping in the Apennines where I come from and in areas I am familiar with, I only carry 1 Liter of water because I know where potable water can be found. This makes a huge difference weight-wise. This last trip I resorted to a wood cooking stove (Emberlit) that folds flat and weighs about 160g. - it worked great. Freeze-dried food is a great weight and space saver but you need water and fuel to be able to use it.

I trimmed the 4x5 gear as well: Linhof Tech with a 135mm lens that stays mounted when the camera is closed, MIDO film holders, light meter, carbon-fiber tripod with monoball (which I don't usually care for), two filters, loupe, cable release.