So it was an interesting day/night yesterday. I found out where the splotching is coming from (sort of).
I made up some more A/B of the arista powder. Splotched by the second print.
Since it seemed to happen in every developer and when the bromide content rose, I took it out of the equation. The B solution has it already in there.
I looked on the internet and found a simple alkaline solution for B (5.2% w/v NaOH) which is Kodak D-9.
I ended up playing with that the rest of the night....different ratios/ dilutions/ adding KBr......LOTS of wild things.
Anyway, it just showed me that something in the Arista B doesn't play nice. It could be their solution or my tap water. The next step will be to make it with distilled. The shift quickly to yellow/orange was quite the indicator that something was awry.

Using my mixed homebrew was kinda fun and I got a really warm color I liked but it didn't have that extra bit of pop. I think it had to do with a shrunken range and not being able to reach blacks. The strange thing about this homebrew was the lack of the 'explosion' in the fixer. It actually was even weird compared to other papers in regard to the 'bleaching' effect. It was like the fixer wasn't really doing much. This just reinforces that it was a wonky and incomplete/insufficient development. However, I'd love to have that warm tone with the mids lighter. I actually liked the muted blacks. Maybe used in a two bath dev....

I made the A/B stock solutions in distilled water just not working solutions. That will be next....