Hey all,

I put a thread on the Yahoo! Carbon Transfer group and have already got a number of emails from interested people. So far this is going very well!

Charles, Tod's offer to test the Secant sample is incredibly generous (not to mention you going out of your way to mention it to him), and I don't think I'm alone in saying that there's no person I'd feel more comfortable with doing the testing. Please give him a big THANKS! Unless I hear protest from others, I say let's go for that.

Would it be best if Secant sent the sample direct to Seattle? If I need to reach out to Tod, or something, just let me know, or if you have an address you can give me that'd be great.

It's also comforting to know that the material is most likely in good shape. Interesting about your sample Greg; I guess this stuff is even fresher then.

Miika, I'll put you on the list and note that you're in Switzerland. I'd really like to make this work for international buyers as well, so hopefully we can accomodate you and others.

p.s. Got you on the list Clarence, and thanks!