I recently purchased a box of stuff including a Durst M600 enlarger. It is complete except for the baseboard and stand which attaches to the column.
Trying to find the stand, or baseboard with stand is nearly impossible. I'm thinking of rigging something together using wood but was wondering
if anyone had any better ideas? I don't need it to be detachable and it doesn't have to be pretty. I just need the column securely mounted and level.
Wall mounting isn't an option, unfortunately. Even more unfortunate is that my ex has my Omega D5 with every mask and all enlarging lenses.
2500 Miles away from me. So 5x7 contact prints and the occasional 6x4.5/6x6 enlargement it goes..

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated, aside from "Buy a whole new one" (which I may do at some point, i'm just a poor guy..)
Thank you in advance. I missed this place.