Hello Ron,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and the offer of samples. I was part of the special Formulary order for baryta from Harman, so I now have a large supply (1000 sheets of 11x14). However, I have a few questions that perhaps are better directed to Mirko, but since you are in touch with all the players, I will ask you. Is this paper different than the paper that Bud got? I was under the impression that there is only one manufacturer in Germany that makes non-inkjet type baryta paper, and that most, if not all, the baryta ink-jet type paper available could have issues when coating silver-gelatin and collodion-chloride emulsions, as well as some other alt-processes, and furthermore that the baryta from Harman might not be ideal for a very few other alt-processes (this has been discussed elsewhere). The Fotoimpex site says that, inter alia, their paper is Auch als kreatives Inkjet- Barytpapier verwendbar. Now I realize it is possible that the Fotoimpex paper and the Harman paper, for that matter, could be used, and perhaps quite interestingly, for "creative ink-jet printing" without them having the dedicated, sophisticated, structure that can accept high loads of ink from a photo-quality inkjet printer. This question, for me and this list is mostly academic, since there are many baryta-type inkjet papers available for non-analog use. So, in short, is this a new and different paper which would be worth testing and comparing with the Harman paper, or is it the same product as the Formulary's stock, but perhaps available in some other sizes, and of course more easily available in Europe? I found that 1000 sheets of 11x14 is quite heavy, so had Bud ship it to my 23rd cousin who runs a parcel service in Neche, ND where I picked it up on holiday in July. Shipping costs are always an issue.

By the way, the Fotoimpex price seems similar to Bud's, give or take, depending on shipping, currency exchange, etc.


Clarence in Fort Smith, NT where it was 1 C when I got up this morning.