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Matt paper never looks as deep as glossy for blacks, it's all about light reflectance. IMO, matt looks muddy and not as crisp as glossy. It does have it's place, I like it for soft focus subjects and portraiture, when deep blacks aren't needed. I also think it's da bomb for hi-key subjects (my opinion).
You are exactly right that is what I am seeing and I'm not crazy about it. I will try it with some hi-key subjects and see if I like it better. I only have 25 sheets of it, so maybe I'll save it for that. I have a box of 100 sheets of Ilford RC paper that a photographer gave me, I'll use that up, by then I should have a good start at understanding the printing process. The only thing I like about the RC paper is the deep blacks. To me it just feels cheep. It shouldn't because I really like Ilford products. Anyway I'll try the hi-key for sure!