I've amassed quite a lot of film including over 10,000 feet of ECN-2 stocks (1800 36 exp rolls approx). Now I'm worried that photo chemicals will become unavailable before I can develop it all, so I want to stockpile key chemicals -- CD3, CD4, maybe metol , hydroquinone, potassium bromide, benzotriazole, hydroxylamine sulfate, potassium ferricyanide, ferric ammonium EDTA- before they become unavailable or are banned by the enviro police.

My question relates mainly to the color developing agents. Most of the chemicals will keep a long time but the developing agents - especially the color ones - can deteriorate. I have some CD4 that I bought in 1987; it's still useable but is discolored and has lost some strength - maybe 10% or so.

My question to the knowledgeable is: Can such chemicals be frozen, and would that extend longevity? If so, should I add a small dessicant pack to each bottle before freezing?

Finally - anyone know where I can get CD3 and CD4 in larger quantities than 100g or 1/2 LB? I'd like to end up with about 2KG of each of CD3 and CD4.