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The lens says its a 4x5, what makes y'all believe this is a 3x4? Not that I don't trust you, I'm just curious so that I'll know for futures sake.
it could just be a larger lens the owner put on the camera
it wouldn't be hard to figure out what format it is, measure the opening
of the film pack ... or the back of the camera.
film holders for that type of graflex are bigger than "modern"
film holders, they are slotted. there are grafmatic backs, and bag magazines
that are made for that camera as well as adapt a roll roll film holders ...
if it is a 3x4 sometimes the film holders &c are difficult to find, 4x5, not so hard ...

good luck !

if you buy it, look around for a dead version of the same camera so you have
something to steal parts from ...