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hi aleks

there are 2 lensboards for your camera
one is a large rectangular piece that also does rise and fall in addition
to the geared rise / fall on your camera ... the actual board the lens mounts onto
is 5" square, like the kodak boards.
its good to see brendt's camera made it to you !
i have had my szabad 8x10 for a handful of years
while there were oodles of the 18x24 metric versions made, very few of the english/8s10s made it
out of europe ...

its good to know another person with one ( that makes 3 of the 5 accounted for )

have fun, its a great camera !

oh about lens size

i use a lever-stop wide angle rapid rectalianer and a wollensak 1a triple on mine, if you can find
a symmar convertible ( 210/370 ) the 370 will cover, and probably the 265 as well ( 150 / 265 )
converted the symmars have a huge image circle. rumor has it that there are some wide angle versions
of the computar symmetrigons ( 150 ) that will cover the format as well while the person i bought mine from
said it covered no problem i haven't mounted it on anything bigger than a 5x7 ...
one of reinhold's wollaston's would work nicely on your camera too

Ha! I guess it's a very small world of LF shooters out there Yes, I am the person who's inheriting that camera and can't wait to work with it. So in the meantime I was hoping to pick up a lens so I don't just stare at the camera when it gets here. So I really appreciate the advice. And it's good to connect with you here so I know who to bug with questions