It does have impact on some of us though perhaps the good is equal to the bad. As a photographer who has made his living from being necessary to people for his entire life I now find that people have become so capable and saturated with instant type phone photos that they can down load instantly to Facebook or flikr or whatever, that the idea of hiring someone to take pictures seems a silly waste of money. People tend to value the reaction they get on line over the value of hanging a photo in a frame on the wall or even sticking a photo on the fridge with a magnet. This article is making the interesting observation that the most popular images on line are the most mundane. People like slice of life type photography and the fact that it was taken with instagram and posted on facebook is all the better. There are some people successfully riding the tidal wave. For instance Dan Burkholder who is taking photos with his phone for that look and then making digital negatives on his computer and making platinum prints.

I think there is a plus side to it though. We dinosaurs who treat photography as a fine craft and a fine art are becoming more and more distinct from everyday photography.