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I don't think it's necessary to "learning how to print" either. What does learning to print have to do with it? I don't consider the print finished until it's tone and personally tone all my prints. YMMV but if someone isn't satisfied with the d-max of a paper they otherwise like, dilute selenium toner is worth a try. There's really nothing to learn, just try it and see if you like the results.
To each their own. I disagree with you. It's my opinion that if you are a beginner, which the OP is, and if you're not happy with how your prints turn out, then selenium toning isn't going to save you. It makes a pretty small difference compared to learning proper technique, I.e. 'learning how to print', and if you don't learn how to print, no toning in the world is going to help you.
Toning, to me, is a fine tune adjustment that you apply once you've learned to achieve good tonality in the print, something the OP has admitted not being capable of yet.