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Wow. How tall are you? I'm a pretty big guy… would it even be too heavy for me? My bag usually weight about 20-30lbs when classes are in session. Would the 67 + 2 lenses weigh that much?

For me, it's more about the possibility that some electronics are difficult to repair in the future. As others have pointed out, though, the 67 is not a very complicated camera—none of those PCBs with tiny electric components, LCD screens, and small electric motors you find in newer cameras. I know the newest cameras have a relatively short shelf life compared to older cameras, and I'm interested in longevity too.

You're right, though…I can't imagine there is much to the 67. I'm apprehensive about the LCD in the 67ii though.

Well you might be, too. The LCD in the 67II wasn't my idea! <*grin*>