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...[...] the p67 was a gift and I thought the end to my TLR/fuji combo...but simply cant deal withh that weight for me. hope that helps.

A gift!? And...and, you can't deal with it!? Look, I'll give you a Bex and you can have a lie down...
Yes, well, the 67 with 3 lenses with a lightmeter, filters, film and notebook in a KATA bag is 6.5kg. And I'm a small person with small hands, but I like wrapping them around big things. I usually carry a bit more than the 67 kit e.g. a tripod too. The 67 is OK 'freehand' but the shutter/mirror whack is very disconcerting (no, read: "heart-stopping"), so all of my photography has the slow, studious and "stand back and shut up!" approach of tripod-shot large format. And they're beaut, sharp images to boot!