I agree that the results from toning, at least dilute selenium on neutral papers like I am suggesting, are pretty subtle. But if someone isn't happy with the blacks on their prints, practice and becoming even a master printer isn't going to increase the d-max. For that you need a different paper, different paper surface, different print developer, or some toning. That's all I'm saying.

My suggestion is to try a different paper. I agree one shouldn't just jump around (I settled on two papers, one neutral and one warm) too much but every paper isn't going to suit every taste.

I don't really understand the concept of not being "ready" for toning, because in this case there's just simply nothing to it. Buy the KRST (or whatever brand) mix with appropriate amount of water, rinse print and immerse in toner, agitate gently for the time, remove and into water bath and rinse and hypo clear and wash normally. The only variables are dilution and time/temperature and it's not like that takes a lot of experimentation or expertise to find what you like.

But if someone doesn't want to do it, that's cool. But just practicing your printing won't make your blacks blacker.