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Great find on the pH meter! That should give much better results than your old one. Keep looking for a temp probe. It may be cheaper to get a second electrode with a built in temp sensor than buying the sensor outright.
Yes, that thing is going to spoil me. But I figured out a trick for getting a temperature into the meter: apply a resistance to the ATC connector using a potentiometer. That way one can simply dial-in the temp seen on the thermometer. This evening, I tried various resistors and got a table of corresponding temperatures from the meter, so now I know what kind of resistor-network to solder together. That's another electronic hack until I find a temp probe (and I like your idea of an electrode with built-in temp sensor).

I also brewed another concentrate this evening. Tests done by Alan Johnson and myself show that a concentration-ratio of 0.34 is stable. A recent concentrate at 0.46 is crystallizing a little. So I just mixed one halfway between them, at 0.40. Here's hoping...

Mark Overton