I went through about the same process with this at about the same time. Without my notes in front of me, it looks like your formulation is missing the chemical called Gradol to disguise it. I have notes on that and remember that it might not be easily available in the original form but there was at least one substitute that was. I remember jumping for joy when I saw Super 20 in the "Cookbook". When I mixed it up I got a severe precipitate. Mr. Shrader found that the "Cookbook" formula was adding Glycin and then going through a Glycin synthesis I believe in part 2 without looking. So Glycin was precipitating out of soulution. I made the stuff without Gradol and used it with Acros 100 with success but the speed was way to low. My past experience with Super 20 was with Panatomic X which processed at about 50% of the manufacturer's ASA rating which is normal for most film-developer combinations. I haven't mixed up new stuff with the Gradol substitute yet but am interested in any experience people are having with Super 20.

Compounding this formulation isn't that bad considering it lasts so long. I keep some for one-shot and also use it replenished and it last for years. There is a stain remover that is easy to make.