I got a T4super (T5 in Europe) for my wife as well, and it's a nice little camera, but they don't make them anymore with the Zeiss T* 35/3.5 Tessar. If you can find one used, it's a good choice. B&H bought out the last stock, so they may have some left, but I doubt it. Also has the peculiar feature of a built-in angle finder for over the head, waist-level, and stealth shooting. One downside (and this may be common to many of these P&S cameras)--The DX coding only reads nice round values and defaults to ISO 100 if you are shooting something like Portra 160NC (a little overexposure being not necessarily a bad thing with color neg) or Ektachrome 320T (a lot of overexposure being definitely a bad thing with color slide).