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There are a lot of iPhone users. Probably a sizeable number of people who already use IP film also have an iPhone.

It makes sense to me. The guts of the thing is the FPU (film processing unit). A camera can be built around it, and they will probably do that too, but the market for a new instant film camera is likely much smaller than the market for the iPhone printer. They'll need money to come up with other applications, so why not target a large market for your first rollout?
but those that have both will just use their cameras surely and not wast the expensive film on printing a digital file they could print otherwise?

the FPU unit - you mean a set of rollers? the ejection mechanism needs to be linked to mirror/shutter, so will need to be redesigned anyway... at further cost.

seems like a bit of bandwagoning in the hope of making a fast buck to me, I just hope it doesn't backfire is all