The bad news is that it isn't the water. The goods is that it isn't the water....
I'd much prefer to use beer loving tap water than fool around with distilled.
Anywho, I have some fotospeed coming in today. I have a plate I'm giving to the family and was trying to give them a nice print as well. I have dozens....hahaha. Well a lot of partial test pieces.
To give them the plate I need to varnish it and paint the back black. I don't have to paint it but I feel that's easier on them than backing it with black felt or something.
Doesn't really matter, because the point is once I give it to them no more prints ;-)
I kind of like the finality of it. I'm pretty sick of the damn image at this point anyway.....that's a lot of hours watching it come up in the developer.
But it's all good, lots learned and knowledge gained.