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Yes PE, they are all dry chemicals except the EDTA can no longer be obtained dry as far as I know. The ones I listed are, I believe, used mainly/only for photography and I am guessing will be extremely expensive in year or two. As for Gerald's comment re: color developing agents' keeping properties, I have to disagree where dry chemicals are concerned: As I indicated I have some 25-yr-old CD4 and I would definitely use it if I had nothing fresher - the only thing holding me back is I would need to develop a couple of test rolls to establish how much I may have to compensate for its age. I used it a year ago with no compensation and got pretty good negatives - maybe slightly underdeveloped, but I never did any testing to quantify. I'd probably add 10%. Twenty five years is probably all I have left!
EDTA from Artcraft Chemicals.. $16.00/lb.