I'll be launching in to C41 this weekend. I plan to follow Kodak's instructions as closely as the Rollei Mini kit will allow. I have a few questions.

1. It takes me a good ten seconds to pour the developer and cap my Paterson tank. Should I start the timer as soon as I pour the chemicals, or when I begin agitation?

2. Kodak suggests two quick inversions (at one second per inversion) every fifteen seconds. They don't mention knocking out the air bubbles, as I do with black and white. Is this unnecessary since agitation is more frequent (than black and white)? Or should I do it anyway? I don't think I want to be too aggressive.

3. Regarding the bleach and fixer steps -- I'd like to do these steps with the lid off and agitate with the twirly stick. I've read about leaky lids, the need to "burp" the tank, etc. Are these steps more forgiving as it relates to agitation type? -- i.e. Do I risk streaking (or some other ill) by twirling versus inverting?

Maybe I'm overthinking this or worried too much. But thanks just the same!