Hello LFF and APUG !

..so this is how it feels ! .. this strangely dim and inverted world ! .. its utter simplicity - to simply sit there in all earnestness and leave the process of seeing (and then making) entirely to me !

did you also make your first on a polaroid ? after choosing a subject which you thought "come on, it should be so easy to shoot this" ? and then run to key in "heck, how to make polaroid images under tungsten light (without immersing the frame in an yellow sea)" in the search box ? and then, next morning, hop around like a rabbit, when you see green as green and blue as blue in a white-bordered frame ?

did your wife (who makes very intellectual and high-abstract images) also look strangely at why i felt the fence, the yard or the earth-mover across the street have suddenly become so creative for a composition ? or, glare unbelievably "you gonna carry __this__ up the mountain in our next hike?" question right below her brows* ?

did you also have that raw-purist-resolve somewhere deep in your tummy that you will not take a digital photo of your first ever analog shot ? [and then scheme an immediate-widening of the big hole in your pocket so it can fit in that best scanner you can afford ? (and thereby also transform whatever was below those brows* into two balls of fire ..?) ]

there is definitely something too very very very special about making things by assembling and touching pure machinery, going about all those motions till you hear a sweet jewel-like unwinding of the copal .. !

it is going to take a while before i post something that i "make" .. but damn, i feel like celebrating my birth here-today !!

greetings to you all! and a toast of photons (from the city of bergen, where clouds very occasionally give visas to those photons wanting to touch down)!,

;-p r a b u!

( who is sensing his rabbit-genes are actually on "sinaroids" ! )